End of misery

This sweet rain fills me with joy it is
The fuel the earth needs to survive,
The pure substance that is
Necessary for growth.

Come spring and the flowers are
Ready be blooming.
They poke out through their tiny buds
And are now born
Born into this beautiful world.

This sweet rain fills my soul with
It is the answer
It is the solution
To this unbearable drought.
This rain will flood and wash
Away all this misery.
For after the rain there will bloom
New flowers and they
Will flourish.

This rain will not keep me in
This rain will get me out
This rain, oh I know this rain is it.
Because after the storm
There’s always a rainbow.



The seasons blur into each other – but this has always been true. My love for you is the same.

Uncontrollably, it runs wild and free! Like the air around me, it stretches all over the land, and it does not leave a single thing untouched.

I carry this love with me, like a beacon, a straight line of light from my heart to yours.


Perspective is everything.

Without it, we wouldn’t think or feel the same way.

Perspective is key and with it we can break away from the murky thoughts that cling together

The hollow souls that last forever

To be heard is impossible. To be or not to be this doesn’t matter.

Smile and wave but don’t make sound.

But like a hound you will be found. Hiding beneath the mask from the soldiers with the task.

We will never see things on the same level.

I’m begging for peace but you think I’m the devil.

Say what you want, feel what you will.


Who ever gave you the power

to tell me that I am not capable,

because I am a woman I cannot be successful

and still be beautiful?

What ever gave you the impression that I needed

you to tell me that I am beautiful in order for me to believe it?

Why must you go to all these extremes

to tell me who I can and can’t be?

Where does it say that I need to look

just like every other woman out there?

When has it ever been wrong for someone to be


To see the world in a different angle.

To love something that is a little different

To have a face that doesn’t resemble another

To not cover up every single one of my flaws.

I am not them. I am not you. I am not her.

Nor will I ever be.

Fighting myself to believe that I have been right all along.

Y’all don’t know.

Although, you’ve always been wrong, I thank you.

For exposing me to the truth.

I know now where I stand.