your pretty little hands on my soul

dip your hands and touch the skies

pulsing your fingers into the stars

i was hiding through the mania

behind my forced smiles and empty hellos

remind me of what i was

who i was – no more

no longer the girl from yesterday- a memory of a thought

that lives beyond the boundaries of time and space

i have lived an eternity-

escaping the vision of the hand in the morgue

the disaster of my crisis – the death of she

the evolution of my essence- the bearing of all the lives

i have lived

paving the paths to the gardens of my soul

in spring i come home


End of misery

This sweet rain fills me with joy it is
The fuel the earth needs to survive,
The pure substance that is
Necessary for growth.

Come spring and the flowers are
Ready be blooming.
They poke out through their tiny buds
And are now born
Born into this beautiful world.

This sweet rain fills my soul with
It is the answer
It is the solution
To this unbearable drought.
This rain will flood and wash
Away all this misery.
For after the rain there will bloom
New flowers and they
Will flourish.

This rain will not keep me in
This rain will get me out
This rain, oh I know this rain is it.
Because after the storm
There’s always a rainbow.