Who ever gave you the power

to tell me that I am not capable,

because I am a woman I cannot be successful

and still be beautiful?

What ever gave you the impression that I needed

you to tell me that I am beautiful in order for me to believe it?

Why must you go to all these extremes

to tell me who I can and can’t be?

Where does it say that I need to look

just like every other woman out there?

When has it ever been wrong for someone to be


To see the world in a different angle.

To love something that is a little different

To have a face that doesn’t resemble another

To not cover up every single one of my flaws.

I am not them. I am not you. I am not her.

Nor will I ever be.

Fighting myself to believe that I have been right all along.

Y’all don’t know.

Although, you’ve always been wrong, I thank you.

For exposing me to the truth.

I know now where I stand.