Crimson Delight

In that moment when the butterfly’s wings flap

that moment in which the thunder claps

she greets me- lighting up the sky blue and white

eyes never leaving mine- boring right through me

free falling under the sun- into the skies i run

to the moon- my first destination

of isolation

my celestial quest

to thank my mother for the natural flowing tides

that crash within me- love piercing through me

pit stop destination- the enchantment

these allusions reaching out from behind my eyes and gripping my reality

she trembles- desperate cries of the aged old lies

across the coastal horizon no measure to define the separation of land and sky

a rainbow sea of pink an purple lighting my eyes those puffy clouds

to rest my heavy soul- a reminder of my being

a mirror of space and time- endless, infinite

i dare to dive deep within myself

blazing, she drifts away higher than one’s eye can see


Silent Death 

Like a mosquito you were attracted to my sweet, rich blood.

Biting. Sucking. Draining me.

I fed you.

Fed your immense hunger for pleasure I was at your despense and you drained me of happiness.

While I fed you with pleasure –

You grew with every feeding

My skin so paper thin now. it’s no wonder you found your way so easily.



You thought I’d be weak. You were wrong.

The power source of your pleasure, I was. In control, I am.

Without me you are nothing and without you

I am everything.

Go ‘head and starve.