Wild Wonder

I have jittery hands and a nervous laugh- one in the same

Loose emotions on the floor- to mop up and ring out- repeat

Mi amor, im out the door

Your besos sweet like honey- but never sticky

Skyscrapers of the jungle city- reaching for the moon- i hear the trees whisper love stories in the night

Cool grass between my toes- breezy kisses on my skin- the winking dew drops on the leaves

Tracing every curve and surface of your delicate pedals- smooth and cooling under my skin

Upon your request- my taste buds are exploding- to drink sweet nectar

To fulfill the natural blossoming desire, flowered by my intuition, an inclination

To bring sensation


Silent Death 

Like a mosquito you were attracted to my sweet, rich blood.

Biting. Sucking. Draining me.

I fed you.

Fed your immense hunger for pleasure I was at your despense and you drained me of happiness.

While I fed you with pleasure –

You grew with every feeding

My skin so paper thin now. it’s no wonder you found your way so easily.



You thought I’d be weak. You were wrong.

The power source of your pleasure, I was. In control, I am.

Without me you are nothing and without you

I am everything.

Go ‘head and starve.